1984 Porsche 928 S







5-speed manual







Black leather

Type M28.21- 4.7L V8 16v SOHC 

310 PS (228 kW)


  • Two-owner, Swiss-market car

  • Top condition

  • Complete service records

  • Mere 68.000 kms


It's 1984 and Porsche 928, seven years after its introduction, has fully matured.  For 1984 model year, Porsche introduced a new 928S with a number of changes, most of them under the hood.  These 1984-86 cars, with a fantastic, torque-y engine delivering 310PS, are seen by aficionados as the best iteration of the OB design, before the arrival of the restyled cars of the 1987+.


Here we have a perfect example of this wonderful GT coupe.  First delivered by AMAG in Martigny, Switzerland in February 1984, the car was specified in a stunning Kiln Red Metallic. Perhaps inspired by the fiery inside of a kiln, it's a blend of orange, red, and yellow at work here. It’s a captivating color in sunshine, and it shows dramatic changes in the shade or even on a cloudy day.  The paint and the interior are in great condition.  The car has undergone a mechanical refresh in preparation of the sale, and many components have been refurbished or replaced. Mechanically, the car is perfect.  Being a Swiss car, we have the Abgas Wartungsdokument which proves the low mileage of 68.000kms.  The car folio is fantastically complete and includes all manuals and brochures, service book, complete toolkit, tyre compressor and full set of keys.


All in all, a truly wonderful, collector-grade specimen of the Porsche 928 in top condition and color combination.