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1984 Porsche 911 Turbo






75.221 km

manual 4-speed






Grand Prix White

Black partial leather

3.3L single turbocharged SOHC

300 PS (221 kW)


  • Investment-grade, collector-quality 930

  • Mere 75.000 KM, 100% original condition

  • Owned by Swiss racing legend Walter Brun


A gem in the gB collection, a car for a serious collector.   Stunningly original in every way, fully documented, and with interesting provenance.

100% original paint, verified by a paint meter, in perfect condition. The interior is finished in unusual partial leather, with seats in no-frills black Porsche-logo fabric. This weight-saving option starts making sense when you consider the first owner: Walter Brun, famous Swiss racing driver of the 70’s and 80’s.  Walter competed no less than 14 times in the 24H Le Mans race.  Debuting in 1971 behind the wheel of the iconic Porsche 907, he and his driving partner ranked 7th overall and scored a class victory.  For more on W. Brun, see here.


Mr. Brun had purchased the car at the official Porsche AMAG dealer in Luzern Ebikon and had it registered on January 3, 1984.

Given the timing, we may speculate that it was a nice Christmas present for himself.  He enjoyed the car for 5 years, driving it to almost 50.000 km.  The car then remained in private collection in Switzerland.  In 2010 it was acquired by a Czech collector, with whom it stayed until recently.


This 911 Turbo comes as a full package with all the books and manuals, air compressor and tool pouch, as well as Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and the official Swiss Wartungsdokumenten that confirm the mileage.


If you’re in the market for an investment-grade classic Porsche, this is the ultimate specimen of the ultimate Porsche 911. Killer sideburns and moustache not included.

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